The Mandala

The Mandala

Built in a modest size at its beginning, the Marpaling School became significantly bigger in 2003 with the inauguration of the Mandala. This is a modern-designed building built according to the traditional methods and aesthetic.

Its square shape turns out to be very pleasant to live in: well-ventilated classes are structured around a luminous internal courtyard.

The furniture is sober and Indian-styled. The school accommodation includes a library, a computer room with internet access, various educational materials, a sports ground and some didactic greenhouses. Science labs are currently being set up.


Building such a school in a valley that is isolated and so high in altitude has been a great challenge with complex logistics.

The big roof structure, the double-glazed windows as well as the insulating doors, all made on site, are the fruit of a magnificent share of skills between the Zanskarpas and Swiss woodworkers and carpenters.

In order to stay in the sustainability development spirit, the roofs of the Mandala and the teachers’ building have been equipped with solar panels and the electrical system is composed of eco-lamps. For all those reasons, the Mandala is unique in Zanskar and it brings pride to the villagers and the RZA!