The School

The Marpaling School,
the seminal project

The Marpaling school has been established in the village on Stongday in answer to an insistent demand of the Zanskar population in order to compensate the lack of a quality teaching in these high isolated valleys.

It is the seminal project of the association. Its objective is to support the young Zanskarpas integration to a fast-changing world, while promoting the original culture of the area.

The Marpaling is a school as beautiful as it is functional, built in the shape of a mandala. The classes, arranged around an atrium, host about 250 children.

Girls and boys study there from nursery school to the 8th grade under the responsibility of around 20 teachers and the Principal. The most brilliant students then have the possibility of continuing their studies in Leh, on the basis of an agreement made with the Lamdon School of Leh, which is one of the most important schools of Ladakh.