Zanskar-Switzerland Friendships

Friendships Zanskar-Switzerland

The genesis of the association begins with a friendship.

During an adventurous trip in Ladakh at the beginning of the 90s, Pascal Beuret (right side of the picture) born in the State of Jura, meets Rigzen Samphel, born in Zanskar. The encounter happens in the depths of winter and Rigzen invites Pascal to his village, named Pipscha. Both of them plunge into adventure by taking the famous Frozen River.

This is how unfailing bonds tied up the friendship between the two men behind the creation of the association, which has been named as a tribute to Rigzen. Since then, Rigzen has engaged himself selflessly and with great devotion to the projects of RZA, especially in the completion of the Marpaling School for which he was the building chief.

The association could not have been founded without another exceptional friendship between Pascal and Christine Epars, a large-hearted teacher in the State of Vaud. Nothing could have been possible without her devotion and her enthusiasm.

Dozens of encounters followed, allowing the RZA to evolve and making projects flourish. Indeed, many friendships and a shared passion for Zanskar constitute the base of the RZA and the secret of its success certainly lies there!