The Association

Ethics and purpose

The Rigzen-Zanskar association is an NGO independent in its choices, actions and collaborations. It is apolitical and without any religious preference.

From its creation in Switzerland in 1998, the seminal project of the RZA has been the building, the opening and the management of the Marpaling School of Stongday. Since 2000, year of the inauguration of the firsts classes of the school, many other projects have been developed, bringing support to the local population while developing their skills and autonomy.


The long-term objective of RZA is to bring a progressive financial autonomy of the project by developing the local skills in management, in order to ensure its viability with its complete integration in the fabric of society. For that purpose, the RZA emphasizes projects with a potential to raise funds aiming to prepare the Zanskarpas to fully take their destiny in their own hands.

While the teachers, the school principal and the employees of the school maintenance are paid for their work, the members of the Swiss committee as well as the members of the local committee in Zanskar work voluntarily. Therefore, the functioning fees are very low.