Solidarity scarves

Solidarity scarves

The yak wool that is collected at the farmer’s place in the isolated valleys of Zanskar is brought to our partner Vishvanat, in the Kulu valley.

He employs many weavers in the nearby villages who work for fair wages and in sustainable conditions. They blend this Zanskarpa raw material with pashmina (coming from Changthang, Ladakh) to create an exceptional fabric.

Size: 180 cm x 40 cm (approximatively 70 inches x 15 inches)

Colors: cream/beige/grey (natural colors of the pashmina and the yak wool)

Support offer:  CHF 100.-
– One solidarity scarf

Col des Mosses offer: CHF 200.-
-One solidarity scarf
– 2 nights in the wigwam tent of our partner agency Blue Horizon, with a meal at our friend Grillon’s at Col des Mosses. With his association named Ali Baba and you, he organises support holiday stays and the social reintegration of young people in need of remedial measures.