Workshop and apprentices

Woodwork workshop and apprentices

Since 2002, a woodwork workshop has been installed thanks to the fructuous collaboration between Swiss and Zanskarpa woodworkers and carpenters. A big, suitable building has been built on the nearby ground of the school and adequate equipment has been brought. A small team of local woodworkers are now working there.


This woodwork workshop ensured an adaptation of some innovative techniques to the local means and know-how. For example, some double-glazing windows and insulated doors that are used in the school have been built there. These innovations spread largely throughout Zanskar.

Another remarkable feat is that the woodworkers have achieved to build the entry portal of the Bardan Monastery in a traditional style. From then on, the woodwork workshop has carried out many orders coming from the villagers.

As well, the workshop is intended to train apprentices in woodwork. The RZA wants to develop professional education, especially for some of the students who are done with their academic cursus at the Marpaling. It is considering opening other workshops, specifically in mechanics or electricity, since those skills are still very rare in Zanskar.